A Library Of Youth Ministry Resources And Tools To Save You Time.

What impact would more time have on your family, your church, and your community?

The many demands of youth ministry often leave you short on time. This means not enough time with your family, not enough time with your students, and not enough time to fully enact the vision you have for your youth ministry.

Some of these demands you can't do anything about: being the IT person, sound engineer, worship leader, children's pastor, etc. But those things would not be as much of a stress if you could find ways to free yourself from the things that truly drain valuable time that could be invested in what really matters...relationships. Things like creating and finding resources, hunting down study books, keeping track of attendance data, student information and tracking birthdays, planning events, etc.

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Our Customers No Longer Have To Worry About...

Mid-Week Service Planning

We have a library of over 3 years of PowerPoint Games and Sermons that we are continually adding to. This means that every week you are ready to go with no need to go search for resources, remember how much store credit you have left, and make another purchase.

Youth Ministry Sermons

Youth Ministry Games

Student Birthdays

Your students need to know how much you care and remembering their birthday is a great way. Our data management system not only allows you to store student contact info, attendance, and other important data, it also has automated features like birthday reports sent right to your inbox so you never miss a student's birthday again.

Retreat Curriculum

Whether you call it Disciple Now, Weekend retreat, discovery weekend, Winter retreat, etc. you'll be ready with up to two retreat packages including a digital download curriculum, t-shirt artwork, and promotional materials. You'll also get access to our Disciple Now Curriculum app so that all you have to do is send your leaders the downlooad link and they'll immediately have access to the curriculum.

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Everything from taking attendance, going over attendance and spiritual growth data, or just keeping up with student information can take a huge chunk of your time. We not only have a mobile friendly system built into the youth ministry toolbox to help with all of that, but we also have other administrative resources like permission forms, time away cards for events, and other things we have created in our combined over 50 years of youth ministry.


Our current crisis has affected many aspects of ministry and life in general. But one of the things that remains most up in the air is camp. Luckily, we have experience in planning and running camps so you can have access to a pre-packaged camp. This way whether travel restrictions remain in place, parents are nervous, or economic realities make it to where kids just can't afford to go, you are ready to run your own camp locally, virtually, or in a traditional camp location.

Bible Study Curriculum

Whether you call it Sunday School, Bible Study, life groups, or whatever we have you covered. You can access a weekly Bible study curriculum in an online digital or print format. Not only that your leaders can login and access it as well to save you time and make it easier for them to prepare and teach. Our curriculum also has the flexibility of Master Teacher or small group format. Oh, and there are student handouts as well as 5 daily devotionals to go with each lesson.

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Over 50 Years Of Youth Ministry Experience At Your Fingertips

Years of youth ministry experience as student pastors, leaders, camp directors, and many other roles has taught us many lessons. But one lesson has stood above all the rest.


The stress we often felt was not because of the many hats we wore and responsibilities on our plates, but instead due to the time we wasted on things that did no matter or could have been done by someone else.

Our ministry's lack of growth was not because we did not have a great vision or the right room setup. It was because we often wasted time on things that did not matter instead of working to make time for the thing that does, relationships.

So we made the shift to create a library of resources and tools that we could pull from so we could take our focus off the mundane details of the day and move it to the reasons we got into ministry in the first place, investing in students.

Then we realized we were not alone. There must be other busy youth pastors out there going through the same struggles of not enough time to do the things that matter. The things that bring us joy. The things that make a difference in the lives of students.

So we created the Youth Ministry Toolbox for busy student pastors just like you so that you could have one place to get what you need for your ministry.

So you have a choice. Do you continue down the path of stress and frustration and never having enough time to invest in your family and students the way you know you should? Or do you choose to simplify your processes, have everything in one place, and invest all the time you save in things that actually matter.

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What Other Youth Pastors Are Saying...

“The youthministrytoolbox.com is an excellent resource for youth ministers and teachers alike. There are so many ideas on the site that you can get creative overload! A great place to help you plan out creative teaching for your students. Thanks Toolbox!”

Dr. Grant Byrd Minister with Students First Baptist McKinney

“With YMToolbox I could go to school and when I needed a resources I just loged on and downloaded what I needed for wednesday nights and Sundays.”

Adam Tarver Student Pastor First Baptist Commerce

“I love the service. This has been a game changer for our youth ministry.”

Chris Clegg Calvary Baptist Church


Flexible packages and pricing so you can choose where your greatest needs are in your ministry.



    Everything You Need For Your Midweek Service And Leader Trainings.

  • Over 3 Years of Sermons
  • Over 3 Years of PPT Games
  • Student Info and Attendance System
  • Administrative and planning tools



Take your ministry one step further with an annual discipleship retreat.

  • Over 3 Years of Sermons
  • Over 3 Years of PPT Games
  • 1 Weekend Disciple Now/Retreat Package Per Year
  • Student Info and Attendance System
  • Administrative and planning tools



Jamie Starrett

Youth Pastor

Jamie is a loving husband and father who has over 20 years of experience in youth ministry.


Buck Baskin

Youth Leader & Technology Specialist & Wannabe Tech Startup Employee

Buck Baskin is a loving husband and father with over 15 years of experience in youth ministry as both a paid staff member and volunteer. Buck is also a technology specialist in the school system as well as a web and app developer. He is a long suffering Arkansas razorback fan, no matter how bad it gets. Most importantly though he is, husband to Stephanie and a father of 3(two adopted kids through foster care and one biological). He lives in a hoodie and Chuck's like a good modern tech nerd should.


Brent Baskin

Professor & Former Youth Pastor & Wannabe Fan Of A Winning Team

Brent Baskin has served in local churches for over 20 years. He is the Associate Professor of Christian Studies and Youth Ministry at Shorter University in Rome, GA. He holds a Ph.D. and a Master's degree in student ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he focused on adolescent development and family dynamics. He is also a proud alumnus of Ouachita Baptist University (Go Tigers!). His ministry passion is helping students discover their God-given gifts, so they can passionately serve Him. His favorite sports teams are the Arkansas Razorbacks, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers. He takes full responsibility for their terrible seasons. In his free time, he enjoys running, disc golf, and scrolling through Netflix shows for hours without actually watching anything.

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