This global pandemic has caused us to rethink so many things in our lives, including the way that we do youth ministry. Especially during times of shelter-in place, which some of you may still be in at this moment, it has been especially challenging to find ways to effectively minister to and connect with the students in our ministries.

But even as restrictions start to lift and we return to normal, whatever that means now, there will still things we will have to consider as we plan our youth ministry events, activities, and programs going forward.

For example:

  • What about kids whose parents(or the kid themselves) are nervous about getting back in groups?
  • What if there is another outbreak and we return to shelter in place right when your youth ministry event was planned?
  • What will be the perception of your church by the community you are reaching based off the decisions you make?

Because of all this we have taken an important step and feel you might want to consider the same in your youth ministry. That step is utilizing contactless youth ministry resources(digital youth ministry resources ) in your ministry.

Before I get into some examples of these types of youth ministry resources let me share some of the why points that brought us to this conclusion.

  1. It is just a good look. In this time more than ever in recent memory the church has an opportunity to be a light in our communities. We do not want to throw away that opportunity by being insensitive to those around. For example, even though many stores have lifted mask requirements we still wear ours. When my kids ask why we tell them because we have friends in our church and lost friends in our community in the medical field. They have stated they wish everyone would wear masks so out of love and respect for them we do it. By implementing contactless youth ministry resources it is just a subtle way for you to show the parents in your ministry and the surrounding community that you are aware of what is going on and being thoughtful and loving towards others in all your actions.
  2. They are flexible. If you plan an event like a disciple now and go all print curriculum, what are you going to do if the night before you can no longer meet face to face? By having a digital option you can quickly switch to an online format and not miss a beat. In these times more than ever it is important that you have flexibility in your planning and contactless youth ministry resources can be a great asset in this process.
  3. It saves you time. Think about how much time you spend calculating orders, re-ordering, printing, copying, organizing…How much time could you save if you could just login and go? It might be a mindset shift and take some adjustment up front but think about the impact if could have on your day in the long term.

In the grand scheme of things in our current global situation, youth ministry resources can be a trivial topic. But at the same time. I hope you realize this moment can give us the opportunity to re-evaluate everything, including the “trivial” things, and make changes that have a huge impact on our ministry and community.

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